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Easy 6 Steps to Sell Your Car at Auction


First, please contact us using the contact form or via WhatsApp.

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Calculating Sales Price

Based on the customer’s car data, we will estimate the sales price and explain necessary expenses and refunds.


Customers who are happy with the estimated sales price* will proceed to the contract.

*Estimated sales price is our estimate and is not an amount that guarantees a successful bid. It is also possible to set a minimum bid
when listing.

Preparation for listing

After completing the contract, the customer will be asked to prepare the necessary documents for listing. After confirming that there are no defects in the papers at our company, we will transport your car from your home to the auction site.

Listing / Successful Bid

We will sell your car according to the agreed-upon conditions. Please note that due to the bidding system, the desired amount may not be reached (when the minimum bid is not set), or the item may not be sold due to no bids.

Transfer of Sales Proceeds

If the customer’s car is successfully sold, we will calculate the handling fee, expenses, refund, etc., and subtract them from the successful bid price after payment from the auction site. And we will transfer it to the customer’s account.

If Your Car is Sold

When your car is sold, we will calculate the handling fee, expenses, and refund, which will be deducted from the successful bid price. We will then transfer the remaining amount to your bank account after the successful bidder signs over the car title.

Additionally, you will receive an invoice via email. Please note that according to the auction regulations, the successful bidder must sign over the car title by the end of the month following the successful bid, and we will notify you once this has been done

If Your Car Is Not Sold

Unfortunately, if your car does not sell, it can be relisted(The auction listing fee will be charged again for relisting. There is no change in the service fee for relisting.)

You must pay the expenses if you wish to get the car back without relisting it.

(Round transportation cost from your home to the auction site and relisting fee)

After the payment is completed, the vehicle will be transported to the designated location by land transportation.

Service Fees

Service Fee 50,000yen + TaxWhen sold price ; 0~1,500,000yen
Service Fee55,000yen + TaxWhen sold price : 1,500,001yen ~ 3,000,000yen
Service Fee60,000yen + TaxWhen sold price : 3,000,001yen ~ 5,000,000yen
Service Fee2% of sold price + TaxWhen sold price : 5,000,000yen ~
Auction Fee8,000yen ~
Successful Bidding Fee9,000yen ~
Domestic Delivery10,000 yen ~

* The customer will be responsible for covering the transfer fee.

*All prices are exclusive of sales tax.