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Easy 6 Steps to Buy from Auctions

buy from auctions step1

First, please contact us using the contact form or via WhatsApp.

Contact Form: Click Here
Find Us on WhatsApp: Click Here 

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Create your account on the auction site to check thousands of auction vehicles updated daily.

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Browse and Search

Browse nearly 200,000 vehicles and find the car you want by specifying the condition of the car model and the conditions you wish from the large amount of data updated on a daily basis. Sign up for alerts to get notified when a new vehicle is up for grabs.

buy from auctions step4
Bid Request and Payment

Let us know if you find a vehicle you would like to bid on. Also, please contact us if you wish to apply for bidding limits, guarantees, insurance, change of ownership, vehicle inspections, etc.
We will issue an invoice by email. Please pay by bank transfer by the due date specified on the invoice.

It is necessary to make the full payment and submit a copy of your ID to confirm your bid request.
If your bid is not accepted, we will give you a refund.

Bid / Successful bid

We will bid for the specified vehicle according to your request. Please note that due to the bidding system, there may be cases where the minimum bid is not reached, or the bid is not accepted.

buy from auctions step6
Get it Delivered

After winning the car you want, we will proceed with all the necessary steps following your requirement.

If You Make A Successful Bid

Congratulations on your successful bid!

We’re excited to move forward with all the necessary steps to fulfill your requirements, and we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way, providing updates on required documents and status.

If your Bid Is Not Accepted

If your bid is not successful, you can request a refund or continue trying!

Service Fees

Service Fee | If buy price : 0~1,500,000 yen 50,000yen + Tax
Service Fee | If buy price : 1,500,001 yen ~ 3,000,000 yen 55,000yen + Tax
Service Fee | If buy price : 3,000,001 yen ~ 5,000,000 yen60,000yen + Tax
Service Fee | If buy price : 5,000,000 yen ~2% of sold price + Tax
Bidding FeeFree
Successful Bidding Fee9,000yen ~
Vehicle TaxVaries depending on the cars
Vehicle InsuranceVaries depending on the cars
Pre-purchase InspectionVaries depending on the auction house
Domestic Delivery10,000 yen ~

* The customer will be responsible for covering the transfer fee.

*All prices are exclusive of sales tax.

Shako Shoumei & Meigi Henkou
39,800 yen + Tax

“Shako Shoumei” is the certificate that shows you have a parking space, while “Meigi Henkou” refers to the transfer of car ownership.

Shako Shoumei &New Registratoins
45,800 yen + Tax

“Shako Shoumei” is the certificate that shows you have a parking space. If the car you purchase does not come with a license plate, you will need to register it as a new vehicle.